South Kohala Reef Alliance

The reefs of Hawai‘i are an essential part of the appeal of living here, and of great value to our community.

Nearly everyone who comes here to visit or to live, and our guests, enjoy going in the ocean and admiring the healthy and bountiful coral reef life that lies just under the surface. It is hard to imagine Hawai‘i without this colorful fringe.

Yet these coral reef areas and fish populations have undergone serious decline in recent years. We should not take them for granted, for if we do, the decline will likely continue.

Kapuna Francis Ruddle has been coming to the reef here since he was a child, and says “For every fish you see here now, there were seven before.”

Fortunately, there are some simple things we can do that will reverse the decline, and help restore fish and coral populations more like those found by the ancient voyagers who discovered Hawai‘i. Marine reserves are one of the best tools.

Our mission is to help promote conservation of our nearshore coral reef habitat through the development and production of educational materials for our local community. It is only possible to do what is necessary to protect and restore the reefs if the local people understand and agree that such measures benefit them. We need the support of our West Hawai‘i ohana to succeed.